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Fabiane Spears

Fabiane Spears

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Grazielly Fellini, also credited as "Fabiane De La Costa", "Fabiane Spears" and "Britney Queers," is cute - plain and simple. She is adorable. Her cheekily pretty face, sleek figure and petite all natural breasts.
Porn producer Joey Silvera announced at the AVN Awards one year that he found a transsexual girl in Brazil that looked just like Britney Spears. He put Grazielly on the cover of a number of his videos under the name "Fabiane de la Spears" and made sure that she was filmed saying "Oops!"

AKA: Fabiane Spears, Fabiene De La Costa, Britney Queers, Fabiane La Costa, Fabiani, Fabiane Speers, Fabiane De Lacosta, Fabiana Spears, Grazielly Fellini

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